Kawaii Japanese Outfits

Tokyo Fashion: 10 Popular Outfit Street Snaps

It is well known that Tokyo is a famous capital of Kawaii fashion. A lot of people all over the world like Kawaii outfits and Kawaii culture in general. The word «Kawaii» can be translated from Japanese as «Cute». It means that Kawaii style is commonly used to describe the cutest and the prettiest things ever. That is why today people are looking for Kawaii food, Kawaii movies, Kawaii clothes and even Kawaii bed sheets.

Nowadays we may notice that Kawaii style influences a lot of aspects of our current life. For instance, among them are music, cinema, books, design, fashion, etc. Keep on reading to get to know some interesting information about Japanese Kawaii fashion and to find out why Kawaii Japanese outfits are considered to be at the peak of their popularity today.

The most Popular Styles of Kawaii Japanese Outfits

Kawaii fashion has already become an integral part of Japanese culture. In fact, Japanese people are businessmen. That is why they usually wear business suits, white shirts and ties. However, there are many young Japanese who want to stand out from the crowd. Every day they try to wear something really interesting and bright to attract the attention of others. So, let us consider 10 main rules considering the Kawaii Japanese outfits.

1.   Any Kawaii Japanese street outfit must be bright and colorful. The bright colorful hair complements the image, making it more interesting.

2.   «Sweet Lolita» is another Kawaii fashion style. It implies the combination of pink and white colors. There are also some accessories such as bracelets and cute little umbrellas. 

3.   Japanese girls and boys wear interesting rainbow clothes, creating the bright Kawaii duos.

4.   Rock style compared with Kawaii is a blast blend. Although the Rockish Kawaii style does not imply very bright colors, it looks really nice and pretty.

5.   Some people like to wear simple but stylish. This trend is really popular in Tokyo. It includes cute simple dresses, blouses and skirts.

6.       «White Lolita» is a fashion style which encourages to wear only white clothes. So, total white looks are considered to be predominant.

7.       Casual clothes are also very popular. They create a great Japanese street style. Cute t-shirts and skirts make the image really informal, comfortable and nice.

8.       Total pink look is another popular trend in Japan. In addition, there may be added a lot of bright accessories such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and so on.

9.       The predominance of pastel clothes is rather widespread nowadays. These outfits are interesting and cute but not as bright as others.

10.   Vintage style implies the combination of different stylish antique details. Pastel and light colors are predominant.


Kawaii Japanese outfits are really popular and widespread today. Pay your attention to this style to feel the power of Japanese Kawaii fashion.