Knights Templar

Who Were the Knights Templar?

Nowadays there are plenty of books, films, serials, and even cartoons about knights Templar. This order has earned such popularity due to its rich history. First of all worth to pay attention to the history of the foundation. Knights wanted to protect pilgrims which were coming to Jerusalem and they received the permission on this from King. According to this, they had decided to organize the order which will help people to get to Jerusalem. At first, the order numbered only 9 people, but gradually this number increased. However not every modern person are aware of such information. In most cases, some know only about their symbols such as a black cross ring or other.

Who were the Templars?

The order of the knights Templar grew rapidly. Every day new and new knights entered into it. The order received rich land and money donations. It turned them into rich and influential political power. Besides the participation in the Crusades brought the order military fame. The knights of the Templar were known throughout Europe, and even Muslim enemies respected them. The strength of them played a key role in the defense of Jerusalem. Almost every man of this time wanted to become the Knight Templar. Entering the Order, the knights gave the usual for those times the promise of obedience, poverty, and celibacy. Moreover, the member of the Order renounced not only from all worldly life but also from relatives. They ate only bread and drink water. The meat, milk, vegetables, fruits, wine were banned. The knights were obligated to wear the simplest clothes.

If, after the death of a knight, other members of Templar found out money, gold or silver in his things, he lost the right to burial on consecrated land. In the case, if this was manifested after the funeral, the body would have to be taken out of the grave and put to the dogs for consumption.

In 1307, Philip IV together with Clement V accused the Templars of heresy. For the members of the order, the prosecution was so unexpected that they had not even managed to organize resistance. So in 1312, the Order was officially accused of heresy. Two years later, the entire top of the Order was executed in Paris. Some knights were sentenced to life imprisonment.

A lot of historians are considered that this happens because of the financial activity of Templar. They found out banking system which is used even today. Plenty of Kings were owed certain sums of money and one of them was Philip IV. That is why he decided just to kill them and did not pay a debt.

Knights Templar history is full of surprises. But it is worth saying that these brave knights really deserves attention. Perhaps such a glory became the cause of the appearance of many films and books about them.